APRIL 9th — Do you want to attend Med School in Australia for 2 years? Check This Out


In case any of your members are interested in attending medical school in Australia for the first two years.

University of Queensland School of Medicine Ochsner Clinical School
April 2015 Events

Upcoming Webinars

Ready to Apply?
Join us for our How to Apply Webinar.

Wednesday, April 9
7pm – 8pm (EDT)



Meet the Students Webinar
A brief presentation about the program followed by a live Q & A with current students.

Wednesday, April 22
7pm – 8pm (EDT)


This program offers US students and Permanent Residents:

– Two Years in Brisbane, Australia

– UQ SoM is a major research institution and is ranked #47 in the World by US News and World Report, higher than 80% of all US medical schools

– Two years of clinical training at the UQ Ochsner Clinical School in New Orleans, LA, the US campus of UQ SoM

– Ochsner Academic Medical Center is ranked in the top 15 Teaching Hospitals in the US by Thomson Reuters

– 96% Residency Match 2014

– USMLE 2014 pass rate is equivalent to US med schools

– USMLE Step 1 2014 scores average the same as the US, Step 2 scores average 20 points higher than the US average

– Average GPA of the 2015 entering class was 3.4; Average MCAT was 29
For complete information about the program and admissions requirements: http://www.mededpath.org/


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