Pre-med Timeline


We are still in the process of constructing the pre-med timeline. Please check back.

Freshman Year:

      1. Do well in classes.
      2. Explore clubs and organizations.
      3. Meet with professors and Kevin Crisp.
      4. Think about Major and Course Choices
      5. Create an “ideal” course plan
      6. Explore other extracurricular opportunities
       7. Sign up for the Pre-Health Club Alias!

     Possible Classes:
      1. Psychology
      2. Intro to Sociology or Anthropology
      3. Bio 150
      4. Chem 125, Chem 126
      5. Bio 227
      6. CH/BI 125, 126, 227 (Replaces Chem 125, 126 and Bio 227)
      7. Get Started on your Foreign Language Requirement

     Summer ideas:
      1. Volunteer at a hospital
      2. Get a Job
      3. Shadow Doctors/Nurses/PA’s
      4. Research
      5. Take Extra Coursework to complete Pre-med requirements
      Essentially just do something “intellectually enriching” for the summer!


MCAT fee assistance program: Website
– Note: Award Recipients will also receive an authorization code for access to The Official MCAT Self-Assessment Package.


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