Summer 2015 Opportunities


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Study Abroad

One of St. Olaf’s best programs is its study abroad program. St. Olaf offers a variety of program that are affiliated with the college and numerous study abroad programs that are conducted through a 3rd party.

1. Summer in Cyprus Program:

The program is discounted by $250 for any student admitted before January 15th.  Program applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and space is limited.

  1. Bioarchaeology of Children: Victims of Change – Juvenile Osteology Research Workshop

Location: Odorheiu Secuiesc, Transylvania, Romania
Dates: July 5 – August 1, 2015

More information:!juvenile-osteology-research-workshop/cpqs
Contact e-mail:

Project Director: Dr. Jonathan Bethard (Forensic Anthropology Program, Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology, Boston University School of Medicine)

Requirements: previous knowledge of human anatomy and morphology recommended but not required (this workshop is taught at an introductory-intermediary level)

Description – As the 15th century ends, the battle for Europe continues! The heroes (and their legend) that held back the Ottoman East have died: Vlad Dracula the Impaler  in 1476; Holy Stephan the Great in 1504; Skanderberg in 1468, opening the way for the Turkish expansion into Europe. The Saxon fortresses and the Szekely armies managed to hold the Ottomans at bay as the Principality of Transylvania was born in 1570. Turkish pressure combined with the struggle between Catholicism and Protestantism has generated an extraordinary environment that impacted the local populations in a variety of ways, both physiologically and socio-culturally. The aim of theosteology and bioarchaeology projects is to evaluate how major global political events impact physically the local Transylvanian populations. For that purpose, we will analyze the the relatively very well preserved human remains from ca. 150 children (ranging from prenatal to preadult) from four different cemeteries from central Transylvania (Romania), dating from the 16-17th centuries. Students will be taught how to identify fragmented bones, determine age, sex (when applicable), stature, identify pathologies, trauma and take standard measurements. At the same time, they will be introduced to various osteological conservation methods and problems aiming at properly evaluate bone quality for DNA and isotope analysis as well as the potential (and limits) of analytical methods to answer real research questions.

3. Commingled Remains Osteology Research Workshop – Bioarchaeology and Zooarchaeology Approaches to Collective Burial Analysis

Location: Simeria, Transylvania, Romania
Dates: July 5 – August 1, 2015

More information:!commingled-remains-research-workshop/clfm

Contact e-mail:
Project Directors: Dr. Anna Osterholtz and Daniel Lowery
Requirements: previous knowledge of human anatomy and morphology required (this workshop is taught at an advanced level)

Description – Commingled Remains Osteology Project: The imposing Magura Uroiului rock formation near Simeria (Southern Transylvania) stands as a natural fortress, overlooking all natural and man-made elements of the surrounding landscape. By its position, aspect, and its proximity to sources of salt, copper, iron, tin, gold as well as easy access to coal, it provided both the practical and mystical components to ensure an intensive and quite often specialized use throughout Prehistory, as shown by the Early Iron Age (Hallstatt) “funerary monument” which is the focus of the present study. This workshop is unique in its holistic focus. From excavation to cleaning to recording and data entry into a custom data base, participants will have a very unique field/lab-experience. Our participants will be involved with both the excavation and the analysis of a large commingled assemblage consisting of human and animal bone. As such, the students will identify and quantify skeletal remains and place them within a larger cultural context.

Our projects are designed as intensive hands-on field experience programs and, as such, are open to both credit student and non-credit participants. For more information on this program, see attached brochures or visit


There are many great research opportunities that are available. Though research is not required for entrance into a health career. Performing research allows you to explore a health-related career field and also demonstrates intellectual curiosity (something that’s really beneficial for pre-health students).

1. CURI – St. Olaf’s Summer Research Program.

2. Equity Summer Research Internship at Oregon University


a. Piper Center’s Page of previously performed Summer Research by St. Olaf Students

b. National Science Foundation (NSF) REU site search

c. National Institutes of Health (NIH) opportunities

d. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) – scroll down to “Student Summer Employment”

e. Association of American Medical Colleges provides a list of links to summer undergraduate research programs

f. Since so many options are listed it can be a little overwhelming but you could find some great options!


Shadowing experiences is a really good way to gain exposure to the medical field and to the day-to-day life of an individual in a career that interests you. There really is no easy way to get shadowing experience, you just have to reach out to family and friends in the medical field.


Reminder: the Johnson Family Opportunity Fund seeks to provide greater access to financial support for students with demonstrated financial need, with a preference to students who are also first-generation college students, who plan to pursue academic enhancing experiences, pre-professional training, and graduate school preparatory opportunities that would otherwise not be possible due to finances.2015 APPLICATIONS ARE BEING ACCEPTED ON A ROLLING BASIS.
To review qualifications for the grant and access the application:
SMDEP Application Deadling –> March 1st 2015

SMDEP is a FREE six week academic enrichment program for freshman and sophomore college students who want to become physicians or dentists. Students who meet the following eligibility requirements may be accepted at one of our 12 program sites:

1. Be currently enrolled as a freshman or sophomore in college
2. Have a minimum overall GPA of 2.5
3. Be a U.S. citizen or hold a permanent resident visa; and
4. Not have previously participated in SMDEP

Please visit our website for the application at or contact the National Program Office by phone at 1-866-587-6337 or by email at

SciTechSperience – SciTechMN
     See Flier for more Info: SciTechsperienceStudentFlier

Elite Medical Scribes (15 Positions in Owatonna, Rosemont, Rochester MN)
See Fliers for more info:
Flier #1: EMS Company Brochure
Flier #2: EMS Jobs Flyer
Flier #3: Medical Scribe Job Description

Scribe at the Children’s Hospital

My name is Jackie Cameron and I am the Lead Medical Scribe at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. I want to let you know about an exciting medical scribe opportunity here at Children’s! We are currently looking to hire one scribe to support our ED physicians.

The position is full time (1.0 FTE), 40 hours per week. Shifts are either 7am-3pm or 3pm-11pm on both the Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses. Scribes work 1-on-1 with an ED physician, seeing patients and documenting each patient encounter via real time transcription directly into the electronic medical record (EMR). We will be accepting applications through March, and hope to have our new hire start at the end of April or early May. The starting wage is $17/hr and is benefit eligible.

Demand for these positions is high, so I encourage applying as soon as you can. The position has been posted and can be found through our Job Search engine at: The Job title is HIM Medical Scribe under Job ID 26000.

Marquette University School of Dentistry is hosting a Pre-Dent weekend July 17th and 18th:
This coming July (July 17th and 18th), Marquette’s American Student Dental Association will be hosting a Pre-Dental Weekend.  This weekend presents Pre-Dental students the unique opportunity of experiencing first hand the life of a dental student, along with ways to strengthen their chances of admission into dental school.  These Pre-dental weekends are gaining more and more popularity, and we feel very confident that Marquette still provides a weekend that is a tier above other programs!

More Information:Pre-Dental Weekend 2015 Flyer


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